Thursday, May 31, 2007

Comfort Women update 5/28/07

The latest news on House Resolution 121:

Dear Flips,

121 Coalition was hoping that the House Committee on Foreign Affairs would mark up House Res. 121 this past week and move the fight for “Comfort Women” justice forward, but that was not the case. On the flip side (haha) this means there is more time to spread the word and educate our friends and communities about the stories of the lolas and their fight for justice. You can’t really expect anyone to vote on something unless they really know the issue and believe in their hearts that there is only one thing to do: support House Resolution 121.

I had an amazing weekend sharing lola stories and presenting House Res. 121 to the Filipino American Coalition of Florida. They are now warriors in the ”Comfort Women’s” fight for justice. Remember the resolution encourages Japan to make a formal apology to the survivors and to take full responsibility of these war crimes. As we think about and commemorate our valiant Filipino War Veterans this day, let’s give silent thanks for the courage and the wisdom of the young Filipinas taken against their will during WW2. They are another kind of war veteran.

To read more about the Filipino American Coalition of Florida’s response to House Resolution 121, go to

Post: Filipino-American Coalition of Florida Support House Res. 121



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Hello, biby, and welcome! Yes, please do come back. Kerala has a very good film festival, if I remember--I sent the print of Mario O'Hara's Demons there. Did you catch that film?