Monday, July 12, 2010

100 Filipino films updated (slightly); Harvey Pekar 1939 - 2010

My list of 100 best Filipino films--subjective, biased, and personal, as always--has been tweaked a little. Links have been updated and added, a few more films included, a few removed. 


Harvey Pekar, 1939 - 2010 

What can one say? Seems appropriate that a Cleveland publication would have a far more detailed tribute on Pekar than the New York Times--he is, as inspiration and collaborator Robert Crumb put it, "the soul of Cleveland." A little splendor has left our lives.


Sienna said...

Hello Noel, thanks for the great list! Have not seen a Pinoy movie in good long while because I was sick of the manure, but your post suddenly made me long to watch the gold nuggets (some of them again)
I was wondering if you know of any resource where I can get copies? Online or otherwise. I'm in the States but can ask my sister in Manila to obtain a few DVds for me if they exist.


Noel Vera said...

Plenty of places. Google kabayancentral or CineFilipino (some of the links on the post above go straight to my articles on the CineFilipino website), and you can order from there.

Noel Vera said...

Hi, Sienna, Fr. Reuter Sienna?

On my website, right side is this:

Filipino films on DVD. Check it out.