Tuesday, June 12, 2007

CineFilipino releases 5 Lino Brocka DVDs!

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Eddie Garcia holding down Lolita Rodriguez in the harrowing opening sequence of Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (You Were Judged and Found Wanting, 1974)

CineFilipino to release five Lino Brocka DVDs this month

If this is true (and it seems too good to be true (someone please twist one of my nipples with a pair of pliers, Eli Roth-style)) then at least two of Brocka's best--and in effect two of the greatest films in Philippine cinema (as I've declared many times)--are soon available on DVD. Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang (You Were Judged and Found Wanting, 1974), about a young man's rite of passage in a small town, is the initial firing shot in what proved to be the '70s Golden Age of Philippine cinema; Insiang (1976) is in my opinion Brocka's masterpiece--his version of Othello (three characters locked in a triangle of jealousy and hate)--set in the slums of Tondo (which has its advantages and disadvantages, as I point out in this article).

Thriling, thrilling news--and, I hope, news that really does come true (as of the moment, it's not in Cinefilipino's website--but I hope to correct myself soon. In which case, I plan to shout it from the housetops).


girish said...

Great news, Noel! (Fingers crossed...)

Noel Vera said...

Fingers crossed, breath bated, heart stopped...

RSE said...

I'm salivating now.

It´s weird though that they still haven't released Kisapmata. It's included in the trailers section of some of the new DVD's from CineFilipino that I bought recently. Are they releasing those titles before Kisapmata?

Noel Vera said...

Apparently. I contacted Ting Nebrida and he says the releases are coming--doesn't know exactly when, tho.