Sunday, April 01, 2007

A quickie Groucho

From Richard Modiano in a_film by

In 1972 LACMA had a weekend marathon screening of the last several "100 Best American Movies" at the 4 Star Theater. There were a few personal appearances, and one of them was by Groucho after Duck Soup had been screened.

Groucho slowly walked down the aisle to a podium at the front of the theater while receiving a standing ovation from the audience. He began by listing all his recent honors starting with Duck Soup's selection as one of the 100 Best and continuing with his Legion of Honor ribbon, his honorary Academy Award, his Lifetime Achievement Award, etc.

The man appeared to be on a senile ego trip when he suddenly ended with "and you what? I'd trade them all for an erection" and left the podium.

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Quentin Tarantado said...

know, my kingdom for a know.
Your evil twin brother.
(and at the punchline yet!)