Friday, April 13, 2007

8th Jeonju International Film Festival

Someone made a mistake, I think (not that I'm complaining). Apparently, I'm being invited as member of the jury judging the Indie Vision section of the Jeonju International Film Festival, from April 26 to May 4.

The films we're going to be judging include the following titles:

1. Aria Dir_Takushi TSUBOKAWA Japan 2006 105min 35mm Color Feature

2. Chrigu Dir_Jan GASSMANN, Christian ZIƖRJEN Switzerland 2007 87min DigiBeta Color+B&W Documentary

3. The Journals of Knud Rasmussen Dir_ Zacharias KUNUK, Norman COHN Canada 2006 112min 35mm Color+B&W Feature

4. The Other Half Dir_YING Liang China 2006 111min DV Color Feature

5. Potosi, the Journey Dir_Ron HAVILIO Israel, France 2007 246mm 35mm Color+B&W Documentary

6. Private Property Dir_Joachim LAFOSSE France/Belgium/Luxembourg 2006 95min 35mm Color Feature

7. Reprise Dir_Joachim TRIER Norway 2006 106min 35mm Color+B&W Feature

8. Salty Air Dir_Alessandro ANGELINI Italy 2006 87min 35mm Color Feature

9. Schroeder's Wonderful World Dir_Michael SCHORR Germany, Poland, Czech Republic 2006 114min 35mm Color Feature

10. WWW. What a Wonderful World Dir_Faouzi BENSAIDI France/Morocco/Germany 2006 99min 35mm Color Feature

11. A White Ballad Dir_Stefano ODOARI Italy/The Netherlands 2007 78min 35mm Color Feature

12. Look of Love Dir_Yoshiharu UEOKA Japan 2006 108min DV Color+B&W Feature

The films range all over Europe and Asia; use 35 mm, digital video, and betacam; and vary in length from a little over an hour to over five hours long (I viewed Lav Diaz's Heremias (2006) once--at least (I'm going through it a second time); I think it's safe for me to say five hours doesn't sound utterly intimidating). After over a year of thoroughly bland Hollywood pap (just sat through a DVD of Casino Royale--not impressed), this should be a blessed relief, if not a genuine treat; not to mention the chance to actually visit South Korea...


Paul Martin said...

The only one of those films I have seen is Private Property, which was my favourite film out of the 12 I saw at the recent Melbourne French Film Festival.

Really mature, gritty drama with Huppert and the rest of the cast used to good effect. Virtually no music at all. I discuss the film in a little more detail on my blog without giving any of the detail away.

Noel Vera said...

Thanks for the article. Looking forward to seeing that, raiding their video archives, seeing what else they're screening there, and hopefully supping full of Korean culture.