Thursday, October 26, 2006

World Trade Center (Oliver Stone, 2006)

Well, I didn't say it would all be Filipino films. I'll be posting the occasional paid-for article, and other odds and ends:

World Trade Center (Oliver Stone, 2006)


"This is not a political film." That was the mantra Oliver Stone reportedly repeated to himself while making his latest production, "World Trade Center." The basic idea was to show what happened on September 11, 2001, when two passenger jets hit the Twin Towers and not long after sent them tumbling down. "The details are the details are the details," he says, having been told in no uncertain terms by producers Michael Shamberg and Stacy Sher (they gave him the aforementioned mantra) to keep the paranoid conspiracy theories ("JFK" comes to mind) to a minimum and stick to the facts.

The filmmakers stick to the facts, up to a point; they use blueprints, computer simulations and laser-measuring technology to recreate exactly how the buildings fell; hire Will Jimeno (one of the two survivors) as special consultant; interviewed anyone and everyone short of the Taliban even remotely connected to the disaster ("It's to the point where he drives me crazy, trying to get things right," Jimeno says about the details-obsessed Stone).

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