Monday, June 23, 2008

Seven hundred missing as ferry sinks in typhoon

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer, 6.24.08:

Ferry sinks; 700 missing.

Don't know the facts; don't know anything yet, or if any of the seven hundred (many of them children, as the report says, screaming inside the hull as it rolled over) are still alive.

But we all know what these ships are like; I remember riding one--won't mention the ship's name, or the line--and looking at the diagram outlining the location of the various exits.

It was in Japanese. The boat I was riding on used to be a Japanese passenger ship. And when I checked the date, it was over ten years old. In effect Japanese passenger lines, having fully depreciated their ships and instead of selling them off as junk, sell them to Filipino passenger lines instead, who use them at their own considerable risk.

That was some years back; don't know if it still happens, or if that vessel still plies the Southern Mindanao waters. But--if the ferry capsized because of any number of failed safety policies similar to the ones I saw when riding one of these floating deathtraps, then it's more than outrageous, it's criminally obscene.


Mr. Schizophrenic said...

I have post regarding this tragedy.

I've been a constant visitor of your blog. I hope it's okay if I link you up. =)

Noel Vera said...


Campaspe said...

I am so sorry; I thought of you immediately when I read the stories earlier this week. Greed wins out over safety all the time, which is why I roll my eyes when I'm lectured about the unerring genius of the market.

Noel Vera said...

Yep. If we were to summarize (oversimplify) American politics of the past few decades, Dems are all about quality of life, Reps all about responsible finance. I think both likely have a point--all the political and environmental correctness in the world will have to be paid for, eventually, but if we worry too much about costing, quality (of life, of love, of literally everything else) suffers.

Or, oversimplifying it another way: Dems are costly, Reps cut-rate. Thanks, Siren.

Jay said...

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Noel Vera said...

Sorry, wrong continent.